why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

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why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

Back in August, I got this puppy, Patches. He went with me everywhere I needed or wanted to when he first came home with me. He was terrified of everything. My small dog, the was about his puppy size, and my larger dog, who he is now the size of, were monsters in his eyes as they wagged their tails. This meant he followed me, and my family, into the bathroom whenever the door was open and tried to push it open every time it was closed, crying like he was forgotten while we did our business.

It was then that Patches surprised me. Never had I had a dog big enough to reach the toilet that was not afraid of the flushing. But once Patches knew that water was in that throne of a bowl, he had to have it, and the flushing just made it more exciting. Then I realized, I’ve known other dogs to be like this. So the question is, why?

Why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

Maybe it is innate. People know not to drink standing water. We know that it can carry bacteria and disease, not to mention parasites. What if dogs somehow think something similar, and therefore prefer the rushing flush that comes after we’ve done all we need to do in there. Or maybe, it’s all about what they can learn from their experience. This may seem ridiculous to assume that your puppy can know this knowledge, but when you think about it, it’s really not all that far fetched. Animals are born knowing how to do things that you and I may just look and say, how the heck do they know? For instance, birds fly south for the winter, horses stand up after birth, and baby sea turtles crawl to the. water from their nests on land after hatching. It is all innate behavior. If you buy a new flushing toilet, don’t forget that the dog will drink water there, So keep in mind reading some reviews of flushing toilets before buying.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. So powerful that if people had that sense of smell with the current brain wiring, we would die from how much information our nose took in. Or at least we would be pretty miserable. That being said consider now that dogs fancy their fanny sniffing to better get to know the creatures that surround them. They also sniff and business left behind by others outside on walks as if it holds the key to life.. But. people shoo dogs away from their backsides and don’t do their business outside like dogs. It goes into the toilet, with their only opening for some good sniffing to happen is when you, their. beloved. human, get up to. flush. In a way, this is disgustingly caring of the dogs that do this.

I still don’t let Patches drink from the toilet, although he definitely evades my barriers from time to time. But. that’s because it is gross, and there isn’t really a reason that we know of that dog drink from flushing toilets. Maybe they are just the canine water fountain. But no matter the reason for this gross behavior, I will still. love my Patches the Potty Puppy, and I’m sure you feel the same way about your pooch.

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