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Domestic Beast


View A Cheerful Pet

A family-owned business with a passion for helping people. Each toy is made from 100% all-natural New Zealand wool, individually handcrafted by female artisans in Nepal so each product you receive is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Many of the women are the sole providers for their families; by purchasing an A Cheerful Pet® product, you are helping to support these women, their families and their future.

View Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights' Guardian Hunting Series are a must-have for hunting dogs, working dogs or any dog in dark or low-visibility situations. These ultra-bright LED lights fit on dog collars, life jackets, backpacks and more. They are lightweight, impact resistant and waterproof, too. These are definitely some of the best, most dependable lights out there.

View Alite Designs

Alite™ makes going outside simple. Created by a small group of rabble-rousers in San Francisco with a passion for the outdoors, Alite dog gear is perfect for everyday living or epic adventures. Alite practices ethical and sustainable manufacturing on all its products.

View Bark + Biscuit

Minnesota-based bark + biscuit® offers stylish, functional collars and leashes for all dogs, big and little. The founder of bark + biscuit, Alisha, watched her Great Dane puppy grow bigger and bigger – and the selection of collars that fit him get smaller and smaller. The result, bark + biscuit collars and leashes, combines both her passions; pets and fashion.

View Bauer Pottery

Founded in Louisville, Kentucky, J. A. Bauer Pottery Company created simple, beautiful stoneware from the late 1880s to the early 1960s, becoming a staple in American homes for many decades. Today, the work of J.A. Bauer has been reintroduced by a ceramics studio in Los Angeles, using original pieces as models. We love the bright colors!

View Big Shrimpy

Big Shrimpy® dog beds are a favorite in our office. The company was born when Bruce Kelling noticed huge bags of clean fleece scraps, left over from cutting garment patterns, leaning against a manufacturer’s dumpster. He used them to help create a soft, long-lasting bed for his dog Maggie…and the rest is history.

View Boomerang CollarTags

Most of the dogs in our office wear these tags – they are really the best ones out there. Boomerang CollarTags™ fit right on your dog’s collar and are bent to match the curve of their neck. These tags are deeply engraved with all your dog’s important information and are guaranteed to remain attached to the collar. Made “For Pets That Come Back.”

View Bowldog

Bowldog™ found a simple solution to a common problem: how to give your dog a drink of water when you’re on the run. Bowldog’s portable pet’s travel bowl is flat, flexible and turns into a stable, regular sized bowl, by simply adding water or food. This bowl is really useful on vacations, hikes or just walking around the park.

View D-fa Dogs

Imagine if your favorite outdoor brand made jackets and gear for your dog. D-fa Dogs engineers dog jackets and dog gear using the same fabrics and design principles as are used in the finest outerwear for people. Located in New Zealand, we can’t understand everything they say; but the D-fa Dogs team makes great dog gear that makes it feel good to be a dog, wherever your adventures take you.

View Doca Pet

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in designed objects from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, furniture designer Luke Wong created Doca Pet™ in order to provide modern products for everyone’s domesticated friends. The word Doca is derived from the letters DO from Dog and CA from Cat. In spite of the cat reference, we really like the clean, modern lines of these products.

View Drip Module

The Drip Module® company serves the local San Francisco community as an incubator for new ideas and solutions to design challenges, creating limited-production modern minimalist home pieces, including clocks, coffee tables, trays and bowls. Drip uses materials and components primarily sourced from the United States and all their products are designed, crafted and produced in the San Francisco bay area.

View Fenella Smith

Fenella Smith works with her brother, Gregor, to create quirky ceramic pet bowls that evoke memories of their wonderful, rather eccentric childhood. Fenella designs the bowls, while Gregor creates the whimsical illustrations. Their goal: To brighten homes with beautiful handmade ceramics that you can use everyday…but will last a lifetime.

View Fifi Runn

After searching high and low for dog collars that had the right look - urban but cute, edgy yet sophisticated - and coming up empty-handed, the designer at Fifi Runn™ decided to just make her own. These collars represent the city dog, the dog that proudly pounds the pavement and relishes the dog park; they’re for the dog that plays rough, but cleans up really well.

View Filson

C.C. Filson Company opened in 1897 as C.C. Filson's Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers, specializing in rugged quality clothing, bags and gear to outfit the stampeders to the Klondike Gold Rush. Over a century later, Filson’s philosophy remains the same: comfort, protection and durability never go out of style. Who wouldn’t want that for their dog?

View Found My Animal

These are some of the most remarkable dog accessories we’ve ever seen, made from marine-grade rope and metals or waxed canvas. Made especially for adopted animals, the founder of Found My Animal® made her rescue pup the very first 3-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash back in 2006. Today, all Found My Animal leashes and leads are handmade and hand-spliced by professional New England rope-makers to withstand thousands of pounds of pull.

View Greenbone

We looked all over for this and were so excited when we finally found it! Greenbone pet products are 100% biodegradable, making them a safe, guilt-free way to eliminate pet waste. Made with renewable, naturally sustainable materials from corn, Greenbone products are here for life, not eternity: they easily go back to nature without toxic effects or any damage to our planet.

View Harry Barker

Harry Barker® was born from the belief that pets are part of our families and that they deserve the best the world has to offer. How could we say no to that? All Harry Barker products are lovingly designed for pets and their people. Their partner factories are ISO certified, to help ensure that products are safe, reliable, eco-friendly and of a consistently high quality.

View Jax and Bones

Since 2002, Jax and Bones has created the best eco-friendly pet bedding for home, office or outside, made proudly in the USA. The company believes an earth-friendly lifestyle is not just a trend, but also a way of living, and is committed to providing pet consumers with higher quality products at affordable prices.

View Jon Wye

The Jon Wye company is internationally recognized for its one-of-a-kind dog collar designs, created by a team of artists around the world and handcrafted in Washington, DC. Jon Wye’s FRED FRED dog collars are 100% American-made, 100% awesome.

View Molly Mutt

We first ran across molly mutt™ when one of our photographers used this Berkeley, California-based company's dog beds for a photo shoot. These DIY dog bed kits are a stylish new approach to keeping textiles out of our landfills. You can cover your existing dog bed with the molly mutt dog duvet, or (here's the cool part) fill it with the old clothes and bedding you've got laying around your house. Your dog gets a new bed and you get a fun, easy way to recycle your old things.

View Nite Ize

The Nite Ize® Pet products were born out of an abiding appreciation for all the Fidos, Busters, Mooses and Maxes out there, as well as the people who love them. Each one is designed to keep dogs visible and safe when the lighting is poor, so the owners who use them can breathe a little easier while walking, camping or playing with their dogs at night.

View Ore Originals

Ore Originals™ makes fun, functional products for pets and home. These products made us happy and we wanted to share them with you. Ore Originals products were inspired by Stanley, owner Lisa’s beloved bull terrier, who graces many of the product labels in this unique collection of pet placemats, bowls, food storage accessories, toys, leash hooks and photo frames.

View Roxiedoggie

At Roxiedoggie, they love dogs and they love design – just like us. We first met designer Maya Khaira at a dog parade in Northeast Minneapolis. She’s a furniture and product designer with a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Roxiedoggie products combine classic design with elements of popular culture...in dog stuff.

View Rugged Wrist

RuggedWrist designs, engineers and handcrafts dog leashes and collars in Excelsior, Minnesota, using the highest quality materials. Their mission: To equip owners and their canine companions with accessories that stand out in style and durability…because dogs are our pals and they deserve the very best!

View Scoopies

Designed in Canada, the land of cold winters, these large, mitt-shaped dog waste bags make it easy to pick up after your pup, even when it’s too cold to take off your gloves. Best of all, Scoopies® bags are made with d2w® oxo-biodegradable plastic, so the bags disappear from the environment within about 18 months. Now that’s a bag we can get behind!

View See Scout Sleep

See Scout Sleep believes in making life comfortable for dogs and their owners. Their dog collars are made in Louisiana with love, crafted from 100% hemp webbing and solid brass for quality and durability. With employees around the world, See Scout Sleep collars are designed with a unique global perspective, gorgeous colors and eye-catching patterns.

View Sojos

In 1985 two forward-thinking women from Michigan mixed up the first batch of Sojos in their own kitchen. The first product, Sojos Original, was based on the teachings of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, considered the grandmother of herbal medicine. Now located in Minnesota, this family-owned business is hard at work in its own little mill, whipping up wholesome Sojos dog treats for your four-legged friends – one batch at a time.

View Stunt Puppy

Stunt Puppy was founded in 2006 in Minneapolis. Taking cues from other categories including climbing, skiing and camping, Stunt Puppy uses the best raw materials and construction techniques. Testing has become a pillar of the brand, from neighborhood dogs to Iditarod dogs. They thoroughly test all Stunt Puppy products and continually inspire new gear.

View Tanner Goods

A small team of craftsmen produces every Tanner Goods collar by hand, at their studios in Portland, OR. Each piece is beautifully constructed from premium, domestically sourced material. The team actually uses the same tools that have been put to work for decades manufacturing heritage leather goods. Some of our Domestic Beast dogs tried on these collars as part of our testing process…and their owners loved them so much they haven’t taken them off yet!

View Unleashed Life

Unleashed Life was founded on the ideal of using thoughtful designs and high quality product to incorporate your dog’s life into your home. High style and craftsmanship are fused with natural and exotic materials to create a sophisticated line of dog bowls, perfectly designed to fit into any modern home.

View Waggo

Waggo creates durable, functional dog products with stylish, modern designs. Prior to creating Waggo, founder Regine Raab worked in NYC fashion houses including Marc Jacobs and Adam Lippes. As an avid shopper for her dog, Benny, she realized something was missing from her favorite pet stores. Surrounded by bone and paw print designs, she decided to develop products that fit better into a modern home.

View Wapiti Labs

It began with a dream and a “retired” 160-acre dairy farm in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota. Craig Wylie bought the acreage with the idea of turning it into an elk ranch. Craig’s son, Klint, now manages a herd of 200+ elk there as the basis for Wapiti Labs, which uses elk antlers to create all-natural pet supplements and chews. All the elk are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association.

View West Paw Design

West Paw Design® is an environmentally green company that incorporates recycled and recyclable materials in its products and packaging. In fact, dog toys made from West Paw’s exclusive Zogoflex® material can be recycled to create new dog toys and pet products. Plus, by sourcing the best materials, West Paw is able to make stylish dog toys that are not only eco-friendly, but safe, too.

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