How to prevent Brown Dog Urine Spots on Grass

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In case you own a dog, chances are you can have some brown spots on your grass. This occurs since the urine of dogs is rich in nitrogen, which kills the grass when concentrated quantities accumulate over time.

Let the dog drink a lot of water

The dog’s piss will be more concentrated in the morning. In addition, female dogs usually have a stronger effect on the grass as they squat and relieve themselves in one spot. Male spray more often. In any case, you can reduce the damage to your lawn by making sure your dog drinks a lot of fluids. The high amount of water it drinks, the low amount of nitrogen is found in urine hence reducing the yellow grass stain. Remember, however, that more water inevitably leads to faster filling of the bladder. Make sure your dog can take a break if necessary. The longer he holds, the more it is concentrated. You can also try to follow your dog with regard to bladder relief. Once done, simply pour water over the urine or spray a hose into the area. This should help reduce the damage.

Do not over fertilize

Since your grass already receives the daily dose of nitrogen from your dog’s urine, you should probably look for a nitrogen-free fertilizer. Make sure the fertilizer is safe for your dog.

Decrease the intake of proteins you feed the dog

Dogs on a high protein diet tend to have more nitrogen in their urine. Your dog requires protein, but you might be feeding it more than the required amount, which makes maintaining your lawn even more difficult. The best foods have sources of protein, such as meat, that are best used in your dog’s system. Protein sources such as corn, when digested, produce more nitrogen. When buying your food, check that the protein content is not too high and that it comes from a source that your dog can really use.

Strengthen your grass and shrubs

Dogs always pee, but not always where they want, and as mentioned, there is always nitrogen present. Your grass is still endangered. This risk can be reduced by placing firmer herbs and plants in your garden. Tall fescue grasses are just these durable varieties. They have thick blades and deep roots. Although it is not the most beautiful grass; it will withstand urine better than most others. You can always mix ryegrass for a softer look. You may even want to think about putting plants in your dog’s pot. Some plants actually thrive with nitrogen and can even enjoy it when your dog raises his leg in their direction. Some of these plants are weigela, spirea, and pink shrub.

Select a particular spot

Even if your dog drinks liters of water daily and maintains a healthy diet, the nitrogen will always be present in the urine. This will always be the case. So, if you do not have the time or inclination to follow your dog with a carafe of water to pour on a fresh place, you may want to open the idea of creating an exclusive pot for your dog. If you spend some time observing your dog’s behavior, you may find that he already has his favorite points to pee. So, if you choose one, it will be even easier. Try to choose a location not too big and far from the part of the garden where you want to relax. Once you have found the place, you must teach your dog that this is the bathroom. This requires that you keep him on a leash for a while until he understands. Reward him if he pees in his area. You may want to consider buying a pheromone-treated paw. For some dogs, especially for male, it works.

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