How To Keep Your Lawn Green With Dogs.

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It’s very difficult to maintain your lawn very green especially when you have dogs all over the compound. Many dog owners are experiencing this problem a lot because the dogs urinate on the lawns leaving some burns on the lawn because of their strong urine, high pH and huge amounts of nitrogen. Here are some ways on how to keep your lawn green with dogs.

Check your dog’s Urine pH and Nitrogen.

All dogs should have a urine pH that ranges from 6 to 6.5 in terms of acidity. Any dog that has a urine pH above 7 will burn your lawn. Therefore, to ensure that you maintain your home’s lawn green, you must check your dog’s pH using some pH strips. You should take some early morning samples of your dog’s urine and check the pH level. If the dog has an above 7 pH, you can reduce it by giving the dog food that is free from grains and one that has low carbs.

A high amount of proteins in your dog’s diet can also cause the dog’s urine to burn the lawns. This is because nitrogen is produced after proteins are broken down. The nitrogen can be in excess to your fertilized lawn thus causing the burn. Ensure that the dog feeds on low proteins.

Hydrate the Dog

To ensure that the urine of your dog doesn’t burn the lawn, you must give your dog enough amount of water which will decrease the concentration of the urine. Always ensure that you add water to your dog’s dry food and also placing water containers all over your compound where they can access and drink at any time. You can also ensure that you feed the dogs with wet foods most of the times.

Make a Potty Area

You can also make an area where your dog will be urinating rather than urinating on the lawn. The area that you will make should have some mulch and gravels. After making the area, you can train your dog to urinate in that specific area especially in the morning because the urine is usually too much concentrated. To ensure that the dog urinates in this area always, you can reward it every time it urinates in that potty location. You can also walk it every morning to that place so that it becomes a habit for it all the time. This will help to avoid it urinating on the green lawn.

Pick some Hearty Grass.

To prevent your green grass from getting burnt all the time, you can choose on the grass that is strong enough and can handle a dog’s urine. Grass such as Fescue is very resistant to urine, foot of dogs and even requires less water.

Preserve Your Lawn

Another way that can ensure your lawn remains green all the time is by regularly watering it. Watering your lawn will help in diluting the concentrated urine of dogs. You can also apply some gypsum on the spots that have been burnt and turned yellow by the dog’s urine. The gypsum will help the grass to turn its green color and improve its general health. You can apply it daily until the color changes completely.

Other ways which can help prevent your grass becoming brown is by using sharp lawn mowers and using products that control lawn fungus. You also avoid using too many fertilizers which can burn the lawn.

These are the important tips that you can use on how to keep your lawn green with dogs. The tips will prevent the grass from burning.

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