How to keep dogs off lawn?

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There are two main ways in which one can keep dogs off the lawn. These are the methods of how to keep dogs off the lawn;

  • Trying home remedies
  • Working with the neighbors

Home remedies are solutions that one can take while still at home. These remedies are very important in helping one to be able to keep the dogs off the lawn. In the homestead, there are numerous solutions that one can opt to choose so that the dogs can keep off the lawn. These remedies include;

  • Spreading of the baking soda all around the perimeter in the homestead.
  • Spraying of the vinegar around the homestead.
  • Changing of the fertilizer.
  • Planting of the spiky shrubbery or lavender.

While in the homestead one can opt to spread the baking soda that is mixed with pure water. The baking soda needs to be mixed in better proportions where one cup of baking soda needs to be mixed with one gallon of pure water. This baking soda helps the plants from been affected by the dog’s urine. The baking soda also helps in neutralizing the smell of the urine making the compound smell fresh.

Spraying of the vinegar around the homestead is another remedy. The vinegar that has to be applied has to be undiluted and the spraying should be done on a daily basis. When the dogs get into the compound and smell the vinegar they feel and discomfort and they end up leaving the home. This vinegar also does neutralize the smell of the urine making the compound fresh.

Trying of new fertilizers help to draw dogs out of a compound. The smell of the organic material causes serious discomfort on the dogs and this drives them out of the compound. Dog get attracted by bone, blood and fish meal. When you apply plant-based fertilizer, the smell is diffused and there will be no smell that will attract dogs in the homestead.

Lavender has a very pleasant smell to human beings. The dogs are not attracted to the smell that is emitted by this plant. When one opts to plant this plant, it can help in chasing away of the dogs from the compound since they will feel some discomfort. By this, the dogs leave the compound and help in keeping the grass fresh from the dog’s urine.

Working together with neighbors is another good remedy. There are different one can choose when he/she opts to work with the neighbors. The methods include;

  • One can suggest that his/her lawn is unsafe
  • Confronting of the neighbors
  • Reporting of the neighbors to the relevant authorities

One can approach a neighbor and inform him/her that the grass in the compound is unsafe for the dogs. Through this, the neighbors have no other option apart from locking up their dogs. Another way is by confronting the neighbors. If your neighbor has the tendency of failing to lock his/her dogs, you can approach him/her and question as to why it is happening. Reporting the neighbors who own dogs to the relevant authority can be a solution. One can take this big step in order to keep the dogs out of the lawn.

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