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Domestic Beast


View Collars and Tags

Whether your dogs are stylish or stinky, we've got the collars for them.

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What does your leash say about you? No worries. All these leashes say "You're awesome."

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Dog beds for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Nap-tested and snoozer-approved.

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When is the last time you showed off a dog bowl to your guests? Uh-huh, these are that good.

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Save the tennis balls for the court; we're serving up the best dog toys around.

View Treats and Food

Dog treats and food so good, we'd eat them ourselves. Well, almost.

View Outerwear

No wedding dresses or hot dog costumes, just stylish apparel for active dogs.

View Poop

Biodegradable poop bags and easy-to-use dispensers that make cleaning up crap a little less crappy.

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Look what we just found! Check out these new arrivals for yourself.

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