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Of course, the dog urine especially male dog, use to facilitate the spots in the lawns. The dog urine contains high nitrogen which is rich in canine. In order to keep our grass green, there were different guidelines to fall so as to care our lawn from the dog urine spot especially brown.

By watering the affected area

It is when you identify that your dog urinates somewhere else in your lawn, clean the area using excess water in a hurry. It will be very fast if you have the tub in your sink which used to watering flowers, plants and lawn, you can use as well so as to remove the brown spot in the lawn since the dog urine is diluted to reduce nitrogen.

The nature of grass.

Sure, it depends on the grass category to be easily affected or not by the dog’s Urine. So, there where the best lawn like perennial and another one fescue which resist dog urine instead is used to gain fertility in the yard. The grasses which mostly are affected by dog urine are Kentucky which it returns brown so easily as well as Bermuda.

Fertilize and maintain your yard

This is the way of reducing nitrogen which originated from the dog Urine. The lawn can turn brown spot due to the little nitrogen dropped my dog through the urine. After you fertilize the lawn is when your yard can turn in green. At the same moment, you should also maintain your lawn, because long grass will accelerate the withered. So, get a best riding lawn mower!

water drinking

If your dog drinks more water it means it will reduce the amount of nitrogen in the dog urine. Which could damage the lawn if not managed?


You can try this way to keep your lawn safe and green. Training is a very crucial thing since your dog can pee the right place. You can design the area that will be used by your dog to urinate rather than urinating in your yard.

Don’t worry! Even if it will take you some time, but it is a better idea to train your dog as you did on the issue of the toilet.

Try to plant again the grasses

Here choose the best grasses, which means are affected in a long time not so easily like Fescue, Ryegrass rather than Bermuda and Kentucky which become more affected by dog Urine.

Use the diet

The supplements like Fosters, it is safe and well if the dog feeds it since it reduces nitrogen since your yard now will be green.


The Dogonit treatment is more useful to ensure your yard is safe and green. Since the enzymes (organic) which act as a cleanser, the salts from the soil will be removed.


In order to keep your riding lawn mower to move so easily in your yard, try to reduce the accessibility of your lawn from the dog. It is difficult you know! but will be good for you since your lawn will not be affected by the dog urine brown spots. Your dog can access in a little and not frequently.

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