why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

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why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

Back in August, I got this puppy, Patches. He went with me everywhere I needed or wanted to when he first came home with me. He was terrified of everything. My small dog, the was about his puppy size, and my larger dog, who he is now the size of, were monsters in his eyes as they wagged their tails. This meant he followed me, and my family, into the bathroom whenever the door was open and tried to push it open every time it was closed, crying like he was forgotten while we did our business.

It was then that Patches surprised me. Never had I had a dog big enough to reach the toilet that was not afraid of the flushing. But once Patches knew that water was in that throne of a bowl, he had to have it, and the flushing just made it more exciting. Then I realized, I’ve known other dogs to be like this. So the question is, why?

Why do dogs drink out of the flushing toilets

Maybe it is innate. People know not to drink standing water. We know that it can carry bacteria and disease, not to mention parasites. What if dogs somehow think something similar, and therefore prefer the rushing flush that comes after we’ve done all we need to do in there. Or maybe, it’s all about what they can learn from their experience. This may seem ridiculous to assume that your puppy can know this knowledge, but when you think about it, it’s really not all that far fetched. Animals are born knowing how to do things that you and I may just look and say, how the heck do they know? For instance, birds fly south for the winter, horses stand up after birth, and baby sea turtles crawl to the. water from their nests on land after hatching. It is all innate behavior. If you buy a new flushing toilet, don’t forget that the dog will drink water there, So keep in mind reading some reviews of flushing toilets before buying.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. So powerful that if people had that sense of smell with the current brain wiring, we would die from how much information our nose took in. Or at least we would be pretty miserable. That being said consider now that dogs fancy their fanny sniffing to better get to know the creatures that surround them. They also sniff and business left behind by others outside on walks as if it holds the key to life.. But. people shoo dogs away from their backsides and don’t do their business outside like dogs. It goes into the toilet, with their only opening for some good sniffing to happen is when you, their. beloved. human, get up to. flush. In a way, this is disgustingly caring of the dogs that do this.

I still don’t let Patches drink from the toilet, although he definitely evades my barriers from time to time. But. that’s because it is gross, and there isn’t really a reason that we know of that dog drink from flushing toilets. Maybe they are just the canine water fountain. But no matter the reason for this gross behavior, I will still. love my Patches the Potty Puppy, and I’m sure you feel the same way about your pooch.

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Finding the best gas and charcoal combo grill 2019

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best gas and charcoal combo grill 2019

Grilling has always been one of our best cooking options because it not only deliciously cooks our food but also gives us an excellent experience for all of us. It is a high bonding activity for all to enjoy. But depending on the type of grill you use, the experience and value may vary. There is a complete set that can be observed in electric grills, granules, and even hard cooking. It’s too confusing! However, of all species, charcoal and gas grills are widely used, and most are analyzed for the most effective and valuable to use.

The best gas and charcoal combo grill 2019?

The debate remains controversial, and there is no doubt that many people will not agree. However, in general, gas grills are the best option for you and your family. The following are the following reasons:


Charcoal grills are generally less expensive than gas grills. However, given the use of fuel, gas can save you more money in the long term. In addition to the actual cost of gas, you can also use more gas in each type of cooking compared to the use of gas, and more so when gas grills are supplied with natural gas. In the end, this will also save you a lot of time going back and forth to buy coal.


If you choose to use natural gas, not only will it save you more money but it can also help to keep our natural resources in good condition. Like charcoal grills, natural gas grills are more expensive than regular gas grills that run on liquid propane and are not yet widely used. However, the cost of natural gas is lower than liquid propane gas and think about it, now you can enjoy an enjoyable barbecue experience, but it is not yet attributable to the degradation of the environment at the same time!


Also, gas grills provide great comfort and time to spare. You can roast all the food in a few minutes to an hour, compared to cooking with charcoal grills. As mentioned above, it also saves you the time of buying charcoal grills. It is even more comfortable and faster to clean and maintain these grills than to clean the carbon stains from your machine. Thus, the life of your grills can be longer. From the installation and the barbecue to the cleaning and storage of grills, the charcoal grills will ask you to spend more time with them than gas grills in general. Just imagine this, you can save more time to do other productive things! Time is a precious resource that we must always demand. You can not go back too. You can not recover any lost time anymore. Therefore, gas grills are undoubtedly the best gas and charcoal combo grill 2019


Now that you have an overview of the type of barbecue machine you are using, your next step is to find the best gas grills available in the market. Then each set will be to start the barbecue!

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Most durable grass for dogs

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Dogs require good grass so that they can lie on it. When a dog has good lying grass it gets stress free and pest control can be done easily. There are several types of durable grasses on which dogs can lie on. The several types of dog grasses include;

  • MTBRO Artificial grass rug
  • Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch
  • Fresh Patch Disposable Patch with real grass
  • Doggie Lawn disposable dog patch
  • Pet maker puppy pot trainer

MTBRO Artificial grass rug is one of grass which can be spread so that the dog can lie on. This is an indoor grass and is natural looking and it feels like real grass. This type of grass is ranked the best due to its durability. It has a good appearance and can serve its purpose for a long period of time. , however, doesn’t affect this grass and it is Eco-friendly. The material used in making this grass is never affected by chemicals making it the best type of grass to use. It is also urine resistant such that it is not affected by the urea contained in the urine.

Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch is an artificial grass that is made up of very light material. It is ranked to be one of the best dog grasses to be used. It is quite affordable due to its low price. This type of grass looks real when one looks at it from a distance. There are urine drainage holes that help in preventing any buildup of messes. The holes make this type of grass to be one of the most durable grasses for dogs. The material used to make this material is also resistant to the ultraviolet rays (UV) making it be more durable.

Fresh Patch Disposable Patch with real grass is one of the most durable grasses for dogs. The material used in the making of this artificial grass is 100% real which refers to that no chemicals were used in the manufacturing of this. The touch of this grass feels real and has a good smell that will make the dog feel comfortable. The good material used in the manufacture of this grass is very durable and can last for a longer period of time than expected.

Doggie Lawn disposable dog patch is another type of dog grass that is very durable. The material of this grass is all natural as well as been chemical free. When a dog urinates, this grass doesn’t allow the urine to settle at the bottom. Cleaning of this grass is very easy and one can be able to clean with fewer problems.

Pet maker puppy pot trainer is another type of dog grass that has the ability to last for a longer period of time. This artificial grass is odor resistant such that it doesn’t keep the bad smell. There is a bedroom tray that helps the cleaner getting rid of the bathroom menses with ease. There are several features that make this grass more durable than most of the artificial grasses. There is a three-layered pet system that makes it easy to clean hence preventing damages on the grass.

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Of course, the dog urine especially male dog, use to facilitate the spots in the lawns. The dog urine contains high nitrogen which is rich in canine. In order to keep our grass green, there were different guidelines to fall so as to care our lawn from the dog urine spot especially brown.

By watering the affected area

It is when you identify that your dog urinates somewhere else in your lawn, clean the area using excess water in a hurry. It will be very fast if you have the tub in your sink which used to watering flowers, plants and lawn, you can use as well so as to remove the brown spot in the lawn since the dog urine is diluted to reduce nitrogen.

The nature of grass.

Sure, it depends on the grass category to be easily affected or not by the dog’s Urine. So, there where the best lawn like perennial and another one fescue which resist dog urine instead is used to gain fertility in the yard. The grasses which mostly are affected by dog urine are Kentucky which it returns brown so easily as well as Bermuda.

Fertilize and maintain your yard

This is the way of reducing nitrogen which originated from the dog Urine. The lawn can turn brown spot due to the little nitrogen dropped my dog through the urine. After you fertilize the lawn is when your yard can turn in green. At the same moment, you should also maintain your lawn, because long grass will accelerate the withered. So, get a best riding lawn mower!

water drinking

If your dog drinks more water it means it will reduce the amount of nitrogen in the dog urine. Which could damage the lawn if not managed?


You can try this way to keep your lawn safe and green. Training is a very crucial thing since your dog can pee the right place. You can design the area that will be used by your dog to urinate rather than urinating in your yard.

Don’t worry! Even if it will take you some time, but it is a better idea to train your dog as you did on the issue of the toilet.

Try to plant again the grasses

Here choose the best grasses, which means are affected in a long time not so easily like Fescue, Ryegrass rather than Bermuda and Kentucky which become more affected by dog Urine.

Use the diet

The supplements like Fosters, it is safe and well if the dog feeds it since it reduces nitrogen since your yard now will be green.


The Dogonit treatment is more useful to ensure your yard is safe and green. Since the enzymes (organic) which act as a cleanser, the salts from the soil will be removed.


In order to keep your riding lawn mower to move so easily in your yard, try to reduce the accessibility of your lawn from the dog. It is difficult you know! but will be good for you since your lawn will not be affected by the dog urine brown spots. Your dog can access in a little and not frequently.

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How to prevent Brown Dog Urine Spots on Grass

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In case you own a dog, chances are you can have some brown spots on your grass. This occurs since the urine of dogs is rich in nitrogen, which kills the grass when concentrated quantities accumulate over time.

Let the dog drink a lot of water

The dog’s piss will be more concentrated in the morning. In addition, female dogs usually have a stronger effect on the grass as they squat and relieve themselves in one spot. Male spray more often. In any case, you can reduce the damage to your lawn by making sure your dog drinks a lot of fluids. The high amount of water it drinks, the low amount of nitrogen is found in urine hence reducing the yellow grass stain. Remember, however, that more water inevitably leads to faster filling of the bladder. Make sure your dog can take a break if necessary. The longer he holds, the more it is concentrated. You can also try to follow your dog with regard to bladder relief. Once done, simply pour water over the urine or spray a hose into the area. This should help reduce the damage.

Do not over fertilize

Since your grass already receives the daily dose of nitrogen from your dog’s urine, you should probably look for a nitrogen-free fertilizer. Make sure the fertilizer is safe for your dog.

Decrease the intake of proteins you feed the dog

Dogs on a high protein diet tend to have more nitrogen in their urine. Your dog requires protein, but you might be feeding it more than the required amount, which makes maintaining your lawn even more difficult. The best foods have sources of protein, such as meat, that are best used in your dog’s system. Protein sources such as corn, when digested, produce more nitrogen. When buying your food, check that the protein content is not too high and that it comes from a source that your dog can really use.

Strengthen your grass and shrubs

Dogs always pee, but not always where they want, and as mentioned, there is always nitrogen present. Your grass is still endangered. This risk can be reduced by placing firmer herbs and plants in your garden. Tall fescue grasses are just these durable varieties. They have thick blades and deep roots. Although it is not the most beautiful grass; it will withstand urine better than most others. You can always mix ryegrass for a softer look. You may even want to think about putting plants in your dog’s pot. Some plants actually thrive with nitrogen and can even enjoy it when your dog raises his leg in their direction. Some of these plants are weigela, spirea, and pink shrub.

Select a particular spot

Even if your dog drinks liters of water daily and maintains a healthy diet, the nitrogen will always be present in the urine. This will always be the case. So, if you do not have the time or inclination to follow your dog with a carafe of water to pour on a fresh place, you may want to open the idea of creating an exclusive pot for your dog. If you spend some time observing your dog’s behavior, you may find that he already has his favorite points to pee. So, if you choose one, it will be even easier. Try to choose a location not too big and far from the part of the garden where you want to relax. Once you have found the place, you must teach your dog that this is the bathroom. This requires that you keep him on a leash for a while until he understands. Reward him if he pees in his area. You may want to consider buying a pheromone-treated paw. For some dogs, especially for male, it works.

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How To Keep Your Lawn Green With Dogs.

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It’s very difficult to maintain your lawn very green especially when you have dogs all over the compound. Many dog owners are experiencing this problem a lot because the dogs urinate on the lawns leaving some burns on the lawn because of their strong urine, high pH and huge amounts of nitrogen. Here are some ways on how to keep your lawn green with dogs.

Check your dog’s Urine pH and Nitrogen.

All dogs should have a urine pH that ranges from 6 to 6.5 in terms of acidity. Any dog that has a urine pH above 7 will burn your lawn. Therefore, to ensure that you maintain your home’s lawn green, you must check your dog’s pH using some pH strips. You should take some early morning samples of your dog’s urine and check the pH level. If the dog has an above 7 pH, you can reduce it by giving the dog food that is free from grains and one that has low carbs.

A high amount of proteins in your dog’s diet can also cause the dog’s urine to burn the lawns. This is because nitrogen is produced after proteins are broken down. The nitrogen can be in excess to your fertilized lawn thus causing the burn. Ensure that the dog feeds on low proteins.

Hydrate the Dog

To ensure that the urine of your dog doesn’t burn the lawn, you must give your dog enough amount of water which will decrease the concentration of the urine. Always ensure that you add water to your dog’s dry food and also placing water containers all over your compound where they can access and drink at any time. You can also ensure that you feed the dogs with wet foods most of the times.

Make a Potty Area

You can also make an area where your dog will be urinating rather than urinating on the lawn. The area that you will make should have some mulch and gravels. After making the area, you can train your dog to urinate in that specific area especially in the morning because the urine is usually too much concentrated. To ensure that the dog urinates in this area always, you can reward it every time it urinates in that potty location. You can also walk it every morning to that place so that it becomes a habit for it all the time. This will help to avoid it urinating on the green lawn.

Pick some Hearty Grass.

To prevent your green grass from getting burnt all the time, you can choose on the grass that is strong enough and can handle a dog’s urine. Grass such as Fescue is very resistant to urine, foot of dogs and even requires less water.

Preserve Your Lawn

Another way that can ensure your lawn remains green all the time is by regularly watering it. Watering your lawn will help in diluting the concentrated urine of dogs. You can also apply some gypsum on the spots that have been burnt and turned yellow by the dog’s urine. The gypsum will help the grass to turn its green color and improve its general health. You can apply it daily until the color changes completely.

Other ways which can help prevent your grass becoming brown is by using sharp lawn mowers and using products that control lawn fungus. You also avoid using too many fertilizers which can burn the lawn.

These are the important tips that you can use on how to keep your lawn green with dogs. The tips will prevent the grass from burning.

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How to keep dogs off lawn?

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There are two main ways in which one can keep dogs off the lawn. These are the methods of how to keep dogs off the lawn;

  • Trying home remedies
  • Working with the neighbors

Home remedies are solutions that one can take while still at home. These remedies are very important in helping one to be able to keep the dogs off the lawn. In the homestead, there are numerous solutions that one can opt to choose so that the dogs can keep off the lawn. These remedies include;

  • Spreading of the baking soda all around the perimeter in the homestead.
  • Spraying of the vinegar around the homestead.
  • Changing of the fertilizer.
  • Planting of the spiky shrubbery or lavender.

While in the homestead one can opt to spread the baking soda that is mixed with pure water. The baking soda needs to be mixed in better proportions where one cup of baking soda needs to be mixed with one gallon of pure water. This baking soda helps the plants from been affected by the dog’s urine. The baking soda also helps in neutralizing the smell of the urine making the compound smell fresh.

Spraying of the vinegar around the homestead is another remedy. The vinegar that has to be applied has to be undiluted and the spraying should be done on a daily basis. When the dogs get into the compound and smell the vinegar they feel and discomfort and they end up leaving the home. This vinegar also does neutralize the smell of the urine making the compound fresh.

Trying of new fertilizers help to draw dogs out of a compound. The smell of the organic material causes serious discomfort on the dogs and this drives them out of the compound. Dog get attracted by bone, blood and fish meal. When you apply plant-based fertilizer, the smell is diffused and there will be no smell that will attract dogs in the homestead.

Lavender has a very pleasant smell to human beings. The dogs are not attracted to the smell that is emitted by this plant. When one opts to plant this plant, it can help in chasing away of the dogs from the compound since they will feel some discomfort. By this, the dogs leave the compound and help in keeping the grass fresh from the dog’s urine.

Working together with neighbors is another good remedy. There are different one can choose when he/she opts to work with the neighbors. The methods include;

  • One can suggest that his/her lawn is unsafe
  • Confronting of the neighbors
  • Reporting of the neighbors to the relevant authorities

One can approach a neighbor and inform him/her that the grass in the compound is unsafe for the dogs. Through this, the neighbors have no other option apart from locking up their dogs. Another way is by confronting the neighbors. If your neighbor has the tendency of failing to lock his/her dogs, you can approach him/her and question as to why it is happening. Reporting the neighbors who own dogs to the relevant authority can be a solution. One can take this big step in order to keep the dogs out of the lawn.

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